Training courses are underway

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Currently, our high school is running several educational courses for the general public and also preparatory courses for the entrance exams for primary school students. Below in the article you will find photos from each course.



Courses for the public:

English course for beginners
English course for advanced learners
Spanish course for beginners all year round
Czech for foreigners
Teaching assistant course


Courses for primary school students:

Preparatory course for 5th graders
Preparatory course for 9th graders


For more information, visit the page about training courseswhere you can download the application forms for each course.

Photographs from the preparatory course for the secondary school entrance exams for pupils of the 9th grade of primary schools:

Photos from the Czech for Foreigners course:

Photos from the Spanish for beginners course:

Recruitment of new students in Cologne

Today in OC Futurum in Cologne was "recruitment" of new students WITHOUT ADMISSIONS !!! No stress Quality education Exclusive community Czech and English BaccalaureateBASED ADMISSIONS