Preparatory course for 8th and 9th graders

  • Preparatory course for secondary school entrance examinations for pupils of 8th and 9th grades of primary schools
  • Minimum participation of 7 pupils
  1. The course is open to registered students who have paid:
  • ČJL + MAT kurzovné: 4. 800,- Kč (16 lekcí – 16x ČJL a 16 lekcí MAT)
  • AJ - tuition fee: 3.100 CZK (16 AJ lessons)

(The course fee is payable to the school account no. 2802337034/2010. Please enter your birth number or date of birth as the variable symbol.)

  1. The course takes place in the school building Digital Academy - Business Academy, s.r.o., Pod Školou 167, Kutná Hora - Malín in the range of 16 lessons in the schedule according to the set date.
  1. In case of withdrawal, the course fee is not refundable. However, the school will accept a substitute before the student enrolls in the course, who will be sent by the originally enrolled student.
  • Courses run Autumn 2024 - start 16 October 2024
  • Kurz ČJL + MAT – český jazyk + matematika každou středu od 16:00 do 16:45
  • AJ course - every Wednesday from 16:00 to 16:45