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Download the application form, fill it in and send it to or to Digital Academy Kutná Hora, Pod Školou 167, 284 01 Kutná Hora - Malín.


Number of accepted applicants:

In the school year 2023/2024, two classes of 63-41-M/02 Business Academy will be opened in full-time form. The full-time students will be admitted to maximum 50 pupils, with a maximum of 25 pupils per class.

Dates of admissions 1st round:

  1. Uniform Entrance Examinations in Czech language and mathematics are held 13 April 2023 a 14 April 2023, alternative dates: 10 May 2023 and 11 May 2023.

  1. School entrance exams held in the form of an oral interview with the candidates on the same day as an entrance examination see point 1, alternative dates: see point 1.

Further rounds, if any, will be announced only if there are vacancies after the previous rounds.

Submitting an application for the 1st round of the admission procedure:

The application shall be submitted to the school principal on a form to be prescribed by the Ministry. The application form can be found on the school's website in the 'application' section. The application form must contain the elements listed in Section 1 of Decree No 353/2016 Coll., as amended. The application form must include, among other things, original or certified copies of the school report card, unless the application form is endorsed by the school with a stamp without the small state emblem. The criteria for admission must not include a report card for the second half of the 2019/2020 school year. If such a report card is submitted, the second report card submitted will be counted in the assessment.

The deadline for submitting an application is until 1 March 2023

Invitation to the entrance exam:

Candidates will receive an invitation to the single and school entrance examinations no later than 14 days before the examination and will also receive their personal registration number, under which they will be registered throughout the admissions procedure.


Pursuant to Section 60(2)(a) of Act No. 561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education, as amended, and in accordance with the Decree 353/2016 Coll., which lays down the details of the organisation of the admission procedure for education in secondary schools, as amended, I hereby set the following criteria for admission to the education of Digital Academy - Obchodní akademie, s.r.o., Pod Školou 167, Kutná Hora - Malín for the school year 2023/24:

  1. Candidates applying for the first year of the 63-41-M/02 Business Academy at Daily form of study must take the Unified Entrance Examination and the School Entrance Examination. They will be admitted to study on the basis of the overall assessment result and until capacity is reached.

  2. In the event of unfilled capacity, applicants will be admitted on the basis of the results of the Unified Entrance Examination and the School Entrance Examination until capacity is filled.

Method of evaluation:

  1. The result of the single entrance examination (published by the CCHE institution) will be included in the overall admissions assessment with a weight of 60%.

  2. The average score is also included in the overall rating. report card score up to 1.9 inclusive (1st half of year 8 and 1st half of year 9 of primary school or equivalent year of a multi-year grammar school, the average of all compulsory subjects except behaviour is calculated), which has a weight of 10%.

  3. The result of the school entrance examination is included in the overall assessment with a weight of 30%.

School entrance exam:

Pursuant to Section 60(2) of Act No.561/2004 Coll., the Education Act, and in accordance with Section 3(1) of Decree No.353/2016 Coll., the Head of School has decided that the school entrance examination will take place in the form of an oral interview between the applicant and the designated teacher of the school. The content of the oral interview is primarily motivation to study. This form of examination is weighted 30% in the overall assessment.

Other admission requirements:

  1. Meeting the conditions medical fitness is not a prerequisite for admission to education, the school not required a doctor's report on medical fitness.

  2. Candidates with a disability must provide evidence of this fact in accordance with Section 1(1)(h) of Decree No. 353/2016 Coll., as amended. If the disability or handicap of the applicant is to be taken into account in the admission test, the application must include a report from the school counselling centre containing a statement recommending an appropriate procedure for the admission test (Section 13 of Decree No 353/2016 Coll., as amended).

  3. If the applicant has been abroad for a long period of time and has also completed 9 years of compulsory schooling there, he/she must submit an original certificate from the last two years of secondary education together with the application form. The school does not require a certified translation of these documents unless the head teacher decides otherwise in individual cases. If the applicant has successfully completed primary education before completing compulsory schooling (e.g. 8 years) abroad, then he/she must submit, no later than on the day of entry to study, a document of recognition of equivalence or a document of recognition of the validity of the foreign certificate in the Czech Republic, the so-called nostrification (§108 of the Education Act).

  4. Applicants with Czech or foreign citizenship who have received their previous education at a school outside the Czech Republic are admitted to the projected at their request according to §20 (4) of the Education Act, admission Czech language exam. These applicants' knowledge of the Czech language will be verified by an oral interview.

  5. The evaluation of candidates who will not take the uniform examination in Czech language and literature pursuant to Section 20(4) of the Education Act is based on reduced evaluation (§14 of Decree No. 353/2016 Coll.)which does not include the results of the Czech Language and Literature test of the Unified Examination. Applicants are then placed in the final ranking of all applicants in the same position as in the reduced ranking of all applicants.

  6. Each party to the administrative procedure (i.e. the applicant) has the right to comment on the decision before it is issuedthat is, he or she has the right to inspect the file and comment on it before the deadline for the decision on whether or not to admit the student. The date for this opportunity will be set out in the invitation to the admissions examination.

Results of the admission procedure:

  1. No later than 2 working days after the Centre has made the evaluation of applicants available to schools, i.e. no later than until 2 May 2023, the ranking of the candidates according to the result of the evaluation will be published on, together with the result of the procedure for each candidate (under the assigned registration number), including instructions on the legal consequences of not submitting the registration form and instructions on the possibility of appeal pursuant to Section 60g(7) of the Education Act.

  2. Written decision not to accept will be sent to the legal representatives of the registered applicants at the address indicated in the application form by hand-delivered letter or via data box within the legal deadline in the first round, and within the deadline set by the school principal in subsequent rounds. The decision on admission to study will not be sent.

Enrolment slip:

  1. The applicant or the legal guardian of a minor applicant shall confirm his/her intention to study full-time at the secondary school in question by submitting an enrolment slip to the headmaster of the school which decided on his/her admission to education, no later than within 10 working days from the date of notification of the decision.

  2. If the applicant or the legal guardian of a minor applicant does not confirm his/her intention to study at the secondary school by submitting an enrolment slip, the legal effects of the decision on the applicant's admission to study at the secondary school shall cease on the last day of the deadline for submitting the enrolment slip.

  3. The enrolment slip can be used by the applicant just once. This does not apply if the applicant wishes to apply for an enrolment card at a school where he/she was only admitted on the basis of an appeal against non-admission to education.

  4. Further rounds of admissions may be announced in individual fields of education only if there are still vacancies available after the previous rounds.

  5. If vacancies arise as a result of the failure of some applicants to submit their enrolment slips in a particular field of study, the Head of School will grant the appropriate number of appeals from applicants who have met the admission requirements.

  6. The applicant's legal representative may appeal against the decision not to admit the applicant to study within three working days from the date of delivery of the decision to the regional office by submitting an appeal to the Director of Digital Academy - Business Academy, s. r. o. According to Section 82, paragraph 2 of the Act

500/2004 Coll., Administrative Procedure Code, as amended, the appeal must contain information on the decision it is directed against, the extent to which it is contested and the grounds for the contradiction with legal regulations or the incorrectness of the decision or the proceedings preceding it.

In Kutná Hora - Malín on 27 December 2022 Mgr. Kateřina Tvrdík Exnerová, Director