Tuition & Fees

Basic tuition fees are paid semi-annually. When paying annually there is a 10% discount, when paying in instalments there is an increase of about 10%. The above prices already take into account the increase and discount.


Tuition & Fees

Yearly - 1x 41.400 CZK
Semi-annually - 2x 23.000 CZK
On installments - 10x 5.100 CZK 


Tuition & Fees

Annually - 1x 94.500 CZK
Half-yearly - 2x 52.500 CZK
In instalments - first instalment: 1x 17.900 CZK, further instalments: 9x 10.900 CZK

VIP package: 39.500 CZK per year


  • security of participation and the possibility to choose a destination for a month-long internship abroad in the 2nd or 3rd year, paid for by EU funds, as long as the student does not break the rules of participation in the internship
  • textbooks
  • International English language exam at selected levels
  • International IT skills exam, i.e. ECDL exam - 2 modules per year
  • Ticket to the prom
  • electives beyond 32 hours per week
  • extra individual consultation
  • school psychologist
  • school sweatshirt of your choice

Repayment terms:

annual: as of 15. 6.
half-yearly: 15 June, 15 January
in instalments: 15.6., 15.9., 15.10., 15.11., 15.12., 15.1., 15.2., 15.3., 15.4., 15.5. 

Terms of payment:

Tuition fees are paid semi-annually to account number 2802337034/2010. When paying annually, the discount is 10%. When paying in instalments, interest is paid in addition to the basic tuition fee of approximately 10%. The above prices are after discounts and interest are already included. The variable symbol is the birth number, the message for the recipient is the student's name. 

Payments from abroad:

Name and address of the bank: Fiobanka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Prague 1
Account name: Digital Academy Kutná Hora - Malín
IBAN: CZ8320100000002802337034, SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX
You can monitor the status of tuition fee payments in the Edupage web application. 

For all types of studies:

In case of non-compliance with the payment deadline, the school charges interest according to the legislation in force. The school has the right to expel a student for non-payment of tuition fees.