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Get a high school education in English!

Study programmes International English Baccalaureate with a focus on Information Services in Business (or Information Services in Business) offers education in economic subjects and deepening of the English language in the form of full-time and individual study.

The programme is suitable for students aged 16 to 19 yearswho want to develop their business skills and prepare for further study or entry into the labour market.

Wondering why you should take the International Baccalaureate in English and what opportunities await you if you pass? Read on.

Why take the International English Baccalaureate?

Upon graduation, our students will receive internationally valid certificatewhich entitles them to admission to a foreign university without entrance exams. So if you are going to studying for a first degree outside the Czech Republic and you are worried about the entrance exams, our programme is the perfect opportunity for you.

The certificate you will receive upon successful completion is called National Diploma in Business (Level 3) and is issued by the English headquarters Pearson in London.

Studium bez přijímacích zkoušek

What is the value of a certificate issued by Pearson?

Renowned international company Pearson specializes in training and providing certifications that are recognized worldwide. It offers a wide range of qualification tests a programsthat have been developed by experts and comply with the latest standards and requirements.

What is the purpose of the National Diploma in Business?

National Diploma in Business (level 3) is a qualification in business at international level.

Certificate holders are highly valued by employers around the world. The programme gives them the necessary knowledge and skills to work successfully in a variety of business areas.

Absolvent studia najde uplatnění v obchodním odvětví

International English Baccalaureate Teaching Programme

Study programmes International English Baccalaureate is designed to provide students with practical skills a theoretical knowledge required for success in various aspects of the business environment.

Conditions of admission to study the International English Baccalaureate

To be successfully admitted to study, you must submit an application until 20. 2. 2024 or later until class capacity is reached.

You must also provide evidence of report card from a previous English language course or complete admission interviewwhich tests motivation to study.

Entrance to the studio is without entrance exams.

Study admission interview

Admission interviews are held from 15 April to 23 April 2024 (or by appointment) and alternative dates on from 24 April to 5 May 2024.

Denní studium angličtiny

Forms of study are full-time or individual

The International Baccalaureate in English can be taken in the form of full-time or individual four-year studies, where you can take professional courses in English, English language classes, second language classes and other electives.


● CZLC9 Business Pearson Btec International Level 3 Diploma (720)

● Business with accreditation at the English headquarters of EDEXCEL/Pearson in London.

Focus of the field

● Information Services in Business

Types of specialisation

● VA 745 National Diploma (original form, expires in the 2019/2020 school year)

● CZLC9 Business (new valid from school year 2020/2021)

Subjects taught (assignments)

● Unit 1: Exploring Business (the student will learn about the purposes, functions, structure and operating environment of business organisations, including the relationship between innovation and business survival)

● Unit 2: Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign (the student will understand the importance of marketing research and acquire the knowledge necessary for campaign planning)

● Unit 3: Business Finance (the student will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to analyse and interpret financial data, assess the financial health of the business and suggest steps to improve performance)

● Unit 4: Managing an Event (the student will acquire the skills to plan, coordinate and manage business or social events)

● Unit 7: Business Decision Making (student will understand business concepts and processes for formulating business decisions and solutions)

● Unit 8: Human Resources (the student acquires knowledge and skills in the field of human resources planning and management)

● Unit 14: Investigating Customer Service (the student learns customer service skills)

● Unit 15: Investigating Retail Business (the student will learn the basics for researching the structure of the retail sector and its supply chain through practical activities)

● Unit 16: Visual Merchandising (the student will gain knowledge of the practices and techniques used to visually promote the sale of products in retail outlets)

● Unit 17: Digital Marketing (the student will learn about the aspects of online marketing and the channels that can be used to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign)

● Unit 18: Creative Promotion (the student will gain knowledge about creative promotion, its influence on customer purchasing decisions, demand stimulation and promotion of products and services)

● Unit 19: Pitching for a New Business (the student will acquire the practical skills and knowledge needed to carry out the necessary preparation and steps to set up and obtain funding for micro-enterprise projects)

● Unit 31: Effective Project Management (the student will acquire skills for planning and managing business projects, evaluating the effectiveness of available techniques and tools)

Find out more about the subjects in the specification of the qualification.

Completion of the International English Baccalaureate

Students will graduate by successfully completing 9 professional subjects (so-called assignments) and by obtaining International English Baccalaureatewhich is supported by a certificate National Diploma in Business (Level 3).

After graduation, it is possible to continue studies at OA Prague or other schools.

Studium na zahraniční škole

Student employment after successful completion of the International English Baccalaureate

After the end of International English Baccalaureate with National Diploma in Business (Level 3) graduates will find employment in a variety of positions in companies in a business environment, such as marketing, Sales, human resources or sector Finance.

Students will learn basics of business, economics, communication and others key business skillsthat they use to negotiate deals, build relationships with customers or participate in the company's sales activities.

The knowledge and skills acquired will also support the pupil in their own business in the commercial sector

Answers to your most common questions

I don't know if I can handle studying in English, do you have any advice for me on how best to prepare at home?

Don't worry. We will be happy to help you by teaching English we can help and we'll support you in your studies. However, if you would like to do more education and preparation at home on your own, try our practice tips of a foreign language. They will also help you practice well mobile applicationsto expand your vocabulary and gain confidence for further study.

What is the tuition fee for studying the International Baccalaureate in English?

The tuition fee is 94 500 CZK per year or 2x 52 500 CZK semi-annually.

Payment can also be spread over ten instalments, with first will amount to 17 900 CZK a the remaining 9 will be after 10 900 CZK.

What is included in the price of the International Baccalaureate English course?

Price includes:

● tuition according to the form you choose

● electronic study materials

● Teacher consultation

● friendly environment and individual approach

Are you able to arrange for me to study abroad?

Yes. We offer our students the opportunity to six months study in Englandwhere the same teaching as in our programme takes place. In addition, students do not have to interrupt their current studies.

We also allow you to:

foreign internships to England, Ireland and Germany, which are fully funded by the EU

monthly study stays in England at a partner school funded by the Foundation The path to education

three-month exchange study stays in Australia

weekly study stays in Italy

Teaching abroad will be an indispensable experience for you to improve your language skills, experience a different culture and make new friends.

Can you help me with my university studies abroad?

I'm sure. We'll be happy to help you choose the most suitable follow-up Bachelor's degree abroad. And if you don't want to go on to university, we can advise you on international language exams that will benefit your employability.

In your offer you have a VIP package worth 39 500 CZK per year, what does it contain?

Our special VIP package includes:

● the security of participation and the possibility of choosing a destination for a month-long internship abroad in the 2nd or 3rd year, which is paid for by EU funds (if the student does not violate the rules of participation in the internship),

● textbooks

● International English language exam at the selected level

● International IT skills exam, i.e. ECDL exam - 2 modules per year

● Ticket to the prom

● electives beyond 32 hours per week

● extra individual consultation

● school psychologist

● school sweatshirt of your choice

Interested in learning more about the International Baccalaureate? Do not hesitate to contact us!