Visit of students from Hungary

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On 16 November, our school was visited (within the Erasmus+ programme) by students from the secondary school of economics in Szombathely, Hungary. We welcomed the students and gave them a tour of our newly renovated Digital Academy, which they liked very much. This was followed by a presentation by our students about our school and the city of Kutná Hora. Then the Hungarian students took the floor and presented their secondary school and their home town. This was followed by a joint lesson in English. After lunch, the whole visit was concluded with a tour of part of Kutná Hora and the ossuary in Sedlec.

Momentky z natáčení

Ve čtvrtek 30. března se na naší škole uskutečnil historicky PRVNÍ NATÁČECÍ DEN. Šlo o přípravu vizuálních materiálů, které nám budou v budoucnu sloužit k


Because of the great interest we have decided to add another date for the event NANETHANIC ACCEPTANCE on Wednesday 29.3.2023 from 14:10. Come and try out for the high school entrance exam

Training courses are underway

Currently, our high school is running several educational courses for the general public and also preparatory courses for the entrance exams for primary school students.