High school without nerves and without entrance exams

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The advantage of our high school is the high success rate of graduates in finding well-paid employment.

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Our school in Kutná Hora is part of Cool School Group - secondary school system with more than 30 years of tradition. Digital Academy, with a Business Academy/Business major, is the newest school established last year. And this year, the first students have already received their midterm report cards.

What is the secret of success? We asked the headmistress of the school, Kateřina Tvrdík Exnerová: "It is a combination of several factors - quality teachers, emphasis on teaching foreign languages and foreign experience. The ability to motivate children and engage them so that they enjoy school also plays a big role."

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Speaking a foreign language well is essential to getting your dream job. That's why, in addition to the Czech Baccalaureate, we also offer students International Baccalaureate in English. Only 15 per cent of school leavers can boast an English Baccalaureate. This gives them a major advantage on the Czech and foreign labour markets. "It gives a signal to the future employers of our students that the exam was not just a formality," pointed out Jan Bobek, director of the Husté školy Group. He also reminded of another bonus of the English Baccalaureate. For some colleges, the English Baccalaureate is a substitute for entrance exams.

In addition to the standard Czech four-year course, we therefore offer an extended course of study culminating in the English Baccalaureate. A number of subjects are taught in English and students take exams in English, culminating in the International English Baccalaureate, which they can present both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The International English Baccalaureate is authorised by Pearson English. 

Exchange visits and internships abroad also help students to improve their language skills. They can visit a long list of countries with us, for example Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Malta and even Australia. Students on work placements work directly in companies and not only gain language skills, but also get a look under the hood of foreign companies and learn more about the culture of the country. Both exchange visits and internships are free of charge for students.

We design our studies so that students enjoy learning. We offer a Finnish system of electives. Students can also choose from a wide range of subjects according to their own interests. What they choose according to their own preferences, they naturally learn better.

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Electives include photography, psychology, rhetoric, finance, Youtubering, teamwork, and sports. We have a non-traditional classroom in the form of Yurts Nature. The circular space with a glass top, where the sun hits, offers a completely different learning experience than a traditional classroom.

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The ski training course in the Austrian region of Dachstein West is over. Students of the first and second years of the Digital Academy Kutná Hora High School have been on it since